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doctor of dentistry Danuta Wróbel

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The founder of Private Dentistry Clinic "Bojerowa" is doctor Danuta Wróbel.

Our motto is patient's satisfaction and giving long - term guarantees on our services.

We assure maximum comfort, pleasant atmosphere and full professionalism of services.

Range of our services includes professional, conservative, prosthetic and prosthetic treatment of adults and children as well as modern implantology and prosthetics.

Implantology service: implantation of implants in alveolar appendices of cashes or lower jaw in order to supplement single or total dental lacks, excluding the necessity of treatment with movable prosthetises.

Prosthetics: creation of orthotic supplements on foundation of implants, specific for patient's occlusion.

Modern endodoncy and conservative dentistry: specific working out of treatment technics under control of radiography and os cameras, guaranteeing perfect visibility, documentation of the whole process and effectiveness of treatment.

Elaborating of defects with the usage of abrasion method and without the usage of boring bit: good alternative for conventional treatment that eliminates the usage of boring bit, eliminates stress and permits to efficiently treat adult as well as children.

We are aware that patients await accurate diagnosis of illness, specific plan of treatment as well as initiating this plan with the use of best materials and unfailing means.

We invite to visits and consultation!
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